Adventure Cow Presents

An Adventure a Day


Adventure Bowl 2010

Interactive Story Competition

How: Write a Choose Your Own Adventure-like novel. (One with branching choices)

What: Internet fame, some cool stuff, get published online!

When: 11/15/2010 - 12/15/2010

It's super simple:

  1. Sign up for Adventure Cow.
  2. Enter in either Starter or Adventure Leagues.
  3. writing a story using the Adventure Cow site.

The Adventure Bowl is the CYOA-style equivalent to NaNoWriMo. If you're not into writing a standard novel, are interested in something more game like, or you just want to try something new, Adventure Bowl is for you!

There are two leagues. The Starter League is an easy way to begin - the requirement is only 50 pages. If you want to do just a page or two a day, this is for you!

The Adventure League is for people interested in the full challenge - the requirement is 150 pages. If you've read CYOAs before and want to make something big this is your chance!

You in the back! You have a question...

Is Adventure Cow affiliated with NaNoWriMo?
No, but we think NaNoWriMo's a cool idea.
I've never written an interactive story before! How do I start?
Start by signing up and playing around with the story editor. Try making a story of a few pages first.
(Ed. I actually never wrote one before last month, either. It wasn't too hard, just takes a little practice.)
Can I try the story editor before signing up?
Yes! Go to "Try it out" from Writer's Corner.
Does my story need to have a certain amount of words?
You can make a story however long you want, as long as it's meaningful. No reasonable story that meets the page count will be turned down.
What sort of prizes do you have in mind?
For the Adventure League, there will be at least a couple of classic CYOA style books.
That being said, the prizes will scale up with the number of entries; if there are over 50, there'll be a game or something else added in, and if there are 200 serious entries, you can fully expect an iPad (or something equivalent). So you'll either have good odds or better prizes!
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