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Categories: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Gamebook

Publisher: QuestForge


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A story where you make the choices!

Explore the rich fantasy lands of Valeron in this digital adaptation of Michael J. Ward's DestinyQuest gamebook. You are the hero, but who, exactly, are you?

Armed with a sword and a backpack, you must recover your memories and discover your destiny in a land of monsters and magic. Take on ever-greater challenges as you seek to save the kingdom from the sinister Legion of Shadow.

Do you have what it takes?


  • Fighting Fantasy-style gameplay with RPG-style stat progression
  • Combat mixing tactics and luck - every battle is different depending on what equipment you carry
  • Hundreds of items and special abilities
  • Over 600 pages of story to discover
  • Never before seen art and original item cards written by the author, only in DestinyQuest Infinite (not included in the print book)
  • Cross-platform integration - play on any device! (Mobile and offline modes in progress)

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Outside comments

"If you enjoy Choose Your Own Adventure or gamebooks like the Fighting Fantasy, Fabled Lands or the Lone Wolf series of books, you will enjoy this book. If you are a fan of MMORPG games, you will enjoy it."
– Brian T. Ronk, blogger (about print DestinyQuest)
"A new monster every few minutes, a narrative that’s easy to follow along yet has some genuine surprises in it, and a simple but effective combat system"
– Steve Buja, Gamenguide

Customer comments

There are 14 comments for DestinyQuest Infinite.

5 out of 5 people found this helpful:

 Working on it

(1) Hey Shawn, we just fixed the Noldor fight. Let me know if it's working for you again! (2) Also, Paul, I just tested and your account should be working - try a refresh if it isn't, and send me an email if that doesn't work. (3) David, we fixed the Troll's blood; (4) Joshua, Berserker career is working now; (5) Chris, still working on a way for you to reply to reviews. =D (6) Nicola, got your email and fixed your account and refunded your extra purchases! (7) Fergus, not sure, it's stereo on our test computers. Send me an email if you still have an issue. [Last updated by Chris at May 31, 2017 23:42]

2 out of 2 people found this helpful:


It's everything I'd wanted after going through the actual books, I can't think of anything to fault with this - it's too much fun. [Last updated by Shawn at November 28, 2014 04:26]

1 out of 1 people found this helpful:

 rng is WAY too tilted against the player

This could be good if the numbers were better balanced, as things are it's insanely tilted against the player to the point it's not worth bothering with. Even in part one, the "suggested" speed ratings are 2-3 points below where they should be. This is before you get into broken abilities like letting monsters re-roll 1s and 2s on speed checks automatically, healing 2 health on any roll of six ect.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful:


I just wish my venomous fang wasn't so powerful... that nightbringer looked like fun to use.


I was having so much fun, but now everytime I start a new game or enter an area from a previous save, it just never loads...

 charges twice for no game

help me i have been charged twice just to get SERVER ERROR on the page after check out is done. [Last updated by Nicola at May 09, 2017 09:14]

 Great game, great implementation

Very addictive and very well implemented. [Last updated by Mike at December 28, 2015 22:28]


Is it me or is the sound mono? I'm only getting audio with my headphones on my right channel :( [Last updated by Fergus at August 19, 2015 10:49]

 good game but cant play anymore

i played past first chapter and it was awesome but now whenever i press continue i only get a black screen and cant play. i did buy all 3 chapters so that is not the problem [Last updated by Paul at July 17, 2015 19:48] [Last updated by Paul at July 17, 2015 20:07]

 Awesome game

Game is very fun. Great job there at Questforge. One bug I noticed was that the berserker career in the gladiatorial games during Act 2 doesnt work. Takes your old career away and doesn't give the new one. Other than that, I love this game and would recommend it to any fan of gamebooks or RPGs.

 Best game of this type ever.

I've been wanting a game like this for 25 years. Technology has finally caught up and such things possible. Yes! It took awhile but I finally got the "Spider Sense" ability and its awesome! I can evade 1 attack of my choosing during each battle allowing me to take on the toughest monsters with ease.

 Very Good but Needs Some Tweaks

I know the mobile version is in alpha still but it's fairly random if it works or not. On my phone (Galaxy S5 w/ Chrome) and tablet (Nexus 7 w/ Chrome) it's unplayable as most of the screen isn't visible and there's no zooming or scrolling. On my larger tablet (Transformer Prime w/ Chrome) it works well enough but is very slow. Text scrolling, dice rolls for combat, etc take a very long time to resolve and display. I do like it though. I bought it to play on mobile on trips mostly (knowing it was still in testing when I bought it). The game plays very well on the desktop browsers and the atmospheric music / sounds are nice. The artwork and overall presentation are really well done. It'd be cool to have a little more flavor text during combat and different music when in that mode too. Overall it's a good adaptation of the books and I look forward to see what comes next. [Last updated by David at December 09, 2014 09:19]

 Nice.. needs more play options

I enjoy the format & writing of this game. However, the single save point is a detriment as it doesnot allow the player to backtrack to an earlier point and then reexperience the other text or equipment choices. --The only option therefor isto invest in the time in recreating a new character and going through the combat/choices/equipment repeatedly. A free choice option or go back option would greatly enhance the experience for casual readers. Also a quick combat resolution option would be nice as occasional lags in the combat dice rolls have slowed down the flow and sometimes crashes this game.

 A good start

Hello this is just a quick view as I finish the first map. Game plays well and is well written. Speed is the only thing that seems overpowered as maxing out speed means you cannot lose. It might take a while to damage enemies, but speed is the main attribute in most situations. One bug/missing ocntent I found was that the Troll Blood from the bridge still says it's a placeholder and the skill has not been implemented yet.


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