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Not all horror stories involve monsters or death. Stories can be unsettling in myriad ways.


By: Kitty Horrorshow (posted by Chris) (Horror, Twine)

A short story about exploring a spooky castle. Plenty of ways to die, CYOA-style! From

  Seven Hours Pass

By: Loren Schmidt (posted by Chris) (Experimental, Horror, Twine)

Unfortunately I can’t describe the game in detail without saying things which should remain unsaid. - [Author's description]


By: Mitch Alexander (posted by Chris) (Horror, Twine)

Author's description: Hypnagogue is an interactive fiction horror game where the protagonist awakes one night to discover their bedroom has been transmogrified and devoured by a strange, otherworldly maze. [Via TwineHub]

  Demons and Deadlines

Can you survive Hell for the story of a lifetime? And escape with your soul intact? There's only one way to find out... Do you remember those old choose your own destiny you used to read as a kid? Think of this as one created out of the dark corners of your nightmares, with a bit of dark humor tossed in there now and then.

  Thank you for your cooperation

There are no endings, only divergent possibilities. I could tell you more, but then I would have to strangle you with a candy necklace... (Warning: This work contains relatively graphic violence and other darkly-comic subject matter like espresso-battles to the death and suicide) This story (or stories) is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and a "five-finger exercise" in writing fiction after a long hiatus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation... Have fun!


*Note: This story was aborted and will be likely rolled into another "collection" like my other story, "Thank you for your cooperation". As there doesn't appear to be a way to delete stories from Adventure Cow, I will keep the unfinished story online for archival purposes.

  Akabane Nights

By: D.H. Harrison (posted by Chris) (Horror, Twine)

A short story where you play as a vampire and try to survive the night in Tokyo. From the author: This is my first Twine game, an attempt to create a sandbox-style experience. You're a vampire living near Akabane Station in Northern Tokyo (not too far from where I live!) There are a few different endings, though the main goal is simply to survive the night. You could just go out then back to bed if you want! There are several ways to die if you're not careful. It's also impossible to do everything in one night, so you have to replay it to see all the different things you can do. Time passes as you move to different areas. WARNING: It has bad language, (mild) sexual content and graphic violence. You can also stalk and attack people on the street, so potential TRIGGER WARNING!

  Fly on the wall

There is a fly on the wall... But it is not really a fly... And it wants you to decide who lives and dies. (Complete, but not fully proof-read and tested as of yet)

  Next Door Taker

"Help me." (Trapped birds flapping their white wings inside a cage that's just too small) "Leave." (Dust, rot, gangrene, shackles digging into skin) You walk forward.


By: Mike Snyder (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Horror, Twine)

From the author: Make your way down into the catacombs of Castle Hallowmoor and see if you've got the guts to make it out alive! Originally on

  A Cold Grave

In a cold, snowy country a man finds a victim of a Drowner attack. The man is a psychic detective. An old friend. But why are you there?

  The end of me

Dark apocalyptic fiction... Mature Content Warning


By: PaperBlurt (posted by Chris) (Horror, Humor, Science fiction, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Space horror/humor for Ludum Dare 30


A body is found on the cliffs near a remote women's retreat. You're sent to investigate. A winter storm rages overhead. And a terrible secret is born.

  Dolores and the Cave

COME INTO THE CAVE, DOLORES. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED IN A CAVE. You have your team, your caving gear, your equipment. You're all set to descend into a previously unexplored cave - the find of a lifetime. As you abseil down, you feel the rock heave around you. It's your worst nightmare - a cave-in. You wake up trapped. Hurt. Alone. Then a voice starts talking to you in the dark... *** Dolores and the Cave is a ten-minute horror game with nine different endings to explore. Don't worry, Dolores. Everything will be just fine.

  Werewolf House: Synthincisor

The final installment of the Werewolf House series, as seen on The skullmination of the thrillogy — just in time for Halloween. The full moon is out and what started as a choose-your-own adventure site has transformed into a full-on interactive fiction game with a unique mechanic that lets you to add new layers to the soundtrack as you progress. It's free and dumb I hope you enjoy.

The House on the Hill

Your Grandfather has given you the deed to his house. He has informed you that it is haunted and wants you to go and cleanse it in order for you to inherit it.