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  Luminous Airplanes

By: Paul La Farge (posted by Chris) (Realistic fiction)

An ambitious and sprawling hyperfiction paired with the book of the same name. Have yet to read this one. :)


Two is a branching interactive fiction telling the story of twelve year old Laura’s day at school as she navigates through the dangers of being a bright loner.


By: Mitch Alexander (posted by Chris) (Realistic fiction)

Author's description: QUID is a text-based adventure game that I created as part of a team in university for a module on the Psychology of Design, where we were given the task of creating a piece of narrative-driven interactive fiction that focused on a topic of our choosing from the field of Games for Learning or Games for Health. We chose to create an interactive story exploring the topic of Queer Identity in a way that was meaningful, relevant, helpful and engaging for 13-17 year olds.

  The SXSW Game

By: Leigh Alexander (posted by Chris) (Humor, Realistic fiction, Twine)

Author's description: a twine game about what i imagine #sxsw to be like based on never having been Via

  All The Dead Bones

By: Ashton Raze (posted by Chris) (Twine, Realistic fiction)

This is a story all about seeing through the eyes of someone else and how you face the world, how you endure. It's an interesting, if challenging, read From the author: A game I made about myself and trying to live with things. I still don’t know how I feel about having released it.


By: Mary Hamilton (posted by Chris) (Twine, Realistic fiction)

A story about moving on. Highly recommended via freeindiegames. From the author: Detritus is a Twine game & formal experiment by @newsmary. It is a work of fiction inspired by real-life experiences.

  Rookie Recording

By: OhioFi (posted by Chris) (Humor, Realistic fiction, Twine)

A wild game where you are a sound engineer. How do I set the preamp? Who are the Simian Motor Stranglers? Should I really be using a condenser mic for a snare drum? Do they still use phantom power? What's phantom power? What am I doing? Where's the Taco Bell? (Might actually teach you a bit about being a sound engineer.) From the author's description: Rookie Recording is a Twine game that I created this summer. It’s a video game about street cred, microphones, late night Taco Bell cravings, analog signal flow, unreadable brutal lettering, and an Electronic Talking Sir George Martin Super-Producer® action figure (still in it’s original packaging).


Sport & nature school is a school dedicated to the autistic children based on a therapy by the sport and the contact with the nature.

King of Grinders

On the order of almighty God, one of his servants Harry created a new universe with millions of years of efforts. In one of its galaxy named as Grindoval Galaxy, there was an planet named as Grindo Planet. Harry chose this planet for Research and development on life. And finally after another million years of research he got successful in creating life. Then he created one life form after another. You are one of those creations. And the game is life simulation where you will be born, eat, sleep, live, work, combat, etc. and then die, and again reborn as new species.... So what are you waiting for, embark on this never ending journey and start grinding :)

Sagan om den fattiga familjen

Denna handlar om sonen som måste bege sig ut i världen för att skaffa pengar till sin familj. Men många saker händer på vägen, kan du få honom att överleva och kanske hitta kärleken?

  Auf der Eisi

Auf der hippen Eisenbahnstraße 2016-2018. Eine interaktive Geschichte über Aufgeben, kollektive Projekte, Ausgeh-abende in einem schillerndem Viertel, Solidarität, kommerzielle Strukturen, soziale Kämpfe und Schuld.

Orion Plans a party

Orion wants your help throwing a party for one of his friends. Not everyone is sure that this is a good idea.

Basil Learns to Socialise

Basil is getting too caught up in searching for a girl from his past, and it's time to intervene and remind him he has friends around right now that would like to see him.

Rhiannon Takes a Break

Rhiannon finally takes some time off work, but she doesn't know what to do with it