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From the classic CYOA and Fighting Fantasy to brand new apps, kids (and adults) have read millions of gamebooks, playing as everything from mythical fighting lords to murder mystery detectives. Most gamebooks focus on the "turn to page X" mechanic, where your decisions change where the story goes next, but many also let you carry items, make secret guesses, and engage in combat. You can find out more about print gamebooks at

  Ring of Thieves

By: S. John Ross (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Gamebook)

Based on S. John Ross's Risus RPG, Ring of Thieves is a short but exciting adventure where a thief named Lucas must rescue his companion after an ambushed by a band only recognizable by their gray cloaks. The writing and characterization really drew me into the story. Recommended. Also mentioned in: Play This Thing!

DestinyQuest Infinite

A World of Magic and Adventure... Learn more about DestinyQuest Infinite here, at

DestinyQuest Infinite Preview

Welcome! We're pleased to present a free DEMO of DestinyQuest Infinite. DQI is based on a gamebook by Michael Ward. The full game is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style novel with over 600 pages and hundreds of weapons and other items. Check out DestinyQuest Infinite here, at If you encounter any problems, try refreshing the page! If that doesn’t help, send us an email at Thanks! SUPPORTED BROWSERS: Firefox, Chrome, and IE when it feels like it. Mobile support still in development.

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act III Demo

Welcome! We're pleased to present our SECOND demo from DestinyQuest Infinite: The Act 3 quest "The Warning." (If you haven't played DestinyQuest before, we recommend starting with the Act 1 demo.) Much like the Act I demo, this is a full quest from the book. However, unlike that demo, this is a more advanced quest - featuring more equipment, a much longer path, a little more back story, and a lot more action. Act 1 demo: Click here to play Support: Email us at Get DestinyQuest Infinite here:

King of Grinders

On the order of almighty God, one of his servants Harry created a new universe with millions of years of efforts. In one of its galaxy named as Grindoval Galaxy, there was an planet named as Grindo Planet. Harry chose this planet for Research and development on life. And finally after another million years of research he got successful in creating life. Then he created one life form after another. You are one of those creations. And the game is life simulation where you will be born, eat, sleep, live, work, combat, etc. and then die, and again reborn as new species.... So what are you waiting for, embark on this never ending journey and start grinding :)


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