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The best ways to find new stories to play with are with the news link on the left, by picking a genre you like, or checking the recent stories.

Write a story

StoryLab screenshot

StoryLab is a completely free tool for crafting gamebooks, Choose Your Own Adventure-style books and other interactive stories. We used it to make DestinyQuest Infinite. StoryLab is designed to be simple to use and easy to learn.

You can jump right in, learn more by watching text tutorials and videos, or visit our forums to ask a question.

Writing in Twine

Dan Cox's Twine tutorials

  1. Part One (video)
  2. Part Two (video)
  3. Part Three (video)


Porpentine's tutorial covers both basics and more advanced information:

In addition, if you have questions, the forums are a fast place to get an answer to anything cow-related.

Can I publish my Twine story on Adventure Cow?

Yes, you can now publish your stories almost instantly through Adventure Cow. Try the Cow theme, available here.

You can also post a story hosted elsewhere as a link on Adventure Cow here.