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  Luminous Airplanes

By: Paul La Farge (posted by Chris) (Realistic fiction)

An ambitious and sprawling hyperfiction paired with the book of the same name. Have yet to read this one. :)


Two is a branching interactive fiction telling the story of twelve year old Laura’s day at school as she navigates through the dangers of being a bright loner.


By: Mitch Alexander (posted by Chris) (Realistic fiction)

Author's description: QUID is a text-based adventure game that I created as part of a team in university for a module on the Psychology of Design, where we were given the task of creating a piece of narrative-driven interactive fiction that focused on a topic of our choosing from the field of Games for Learning or Games for Health. We chose to create an interactive story exploring the topic of Queer Identity in a way that was meaningful, relevant, helpful and engaging for 13-17 year olds.

  The SXSW Game

By: Leigh Alexander (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine, Realistic fiction)

Author's description: a twine game about what i imagine #sxsw to be like based on never having been Via

  All The Dead Bones

By: Ashton Raze (posted by Chris) (Twine, Realistic fiction)

This is a story all about seeing through the eyes of someone else and how you face the world, how you endure. It's an interesting, if challenging, read From the author: A game I made about myself and trying to live with things. I still don’t know how I feel about having released it.


By: Mary Hamilton (posted by Chris) (Twine, Realistic fiction)

A story about moving on. Highly recommended via freeindiegames. From the author: Detritus is a Twine game & formal experiment by @newsmary. It is a work of fiction inspired by real-life experiences.

  Rookie Recording

By: OhioFi (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine, Realistic fiction)

A wild game where you are a sound engineer. How do I set the preamp? Who are the Simian Motor Stranglers? Should I really be using a condenser mic for a snare drum? Do they still use phantom power? What's phantom power? What am I doing? Where's the Taco Bell? (Might actually teach you a bit about being a sound engineer.) From the author's description: Rookie Recording is a Twine game that I created this summer. It’s a video game about street cred, microphones, late night Taco Bell cravings, analog signal flow, unreadable brutal lettering, and an Electronic Talking Sir George Martin Super-Producer® action figure (still in it’s original packaging).


Sport & nature school is a school dedicated to the autistic children based on a therapy by the sport and the contact with the nature.