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Puzzle games draw inspiration from the classic PC adventure game genre (Myst, King's Quest, LucasArts games), where players would be required to talk their way out of a situation or, more often, find the right combination of items to progress.

  The Ark

By: Matthew Marcus and Devi Acharya (posted by Chris) (Puzzle, Science fiction, Twine)

A short but tricky sci-fi adventure aboard a mysterious ship. Discovering how the crystals work is just the beginning of your adventure... Review on Clavis Cryptica: link

  Escape from Cluster Zeta

A sci-fi mix of humor and text adventure game parody. Bits of it were fun, though it could've used more writing from the author. Now with achievements!

  Math Problem

What is the answer to this math problem? 0 + 50 * 1 - 60 - 60 * 0 + 10 = ? I wrote this gamestory to deconstruct the common answers so that people can work out what they are doing incorrectly.


By: Mike Meyer (posted by Chris) (Twine, Puzzle)

A short math puzzler: Start at 63 and get to 0 by adding or subtracting in increments of 6, 10, 15 or 17, without using any of the red numbers. Satisfying, though it starts out frustrating!

  Alone in the Park

By: (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Humor, Puzzle)

Alone in the Park combines story and adventure game in a somewhat endearing way. From the authors: Play as a rather misanthropic gamer who finds herself lured away from her computer to embark upon a real world quest: finding hidden treasure in a national park. Annoyingly, doing this requires her to locate and reassemble pieces of a treasure map. And instead of being populated with cool creatures like giant vampire squid bats or something, the park's forests, lakes and mountains are home to the lamest NPCs imaginable. This treasure had better be fucking legendary.

  Logic Fun

Short game based on logic. The goal is to prove you did not walk to work.

  Conditional Fun

short game based on logic

  Oog Spion

The author hasn't written the description yet!