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DestinyQuest Infinite on sale until February 11th 2018!

A new Kickstarter for DestinyQuest IV: The Raiders of Dune Sea, is live now! To celebrate, while the Kickstarter is active, DestinyQuest Infinite, the digital version of Book One, is 25% off.

Get your copy here!


Strayed, our new game about a lonely drive in the woods, is now live for both Android and iOS! You can get the story and find out more here.

Some info on Strayed:

“It’s like Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart with teeth.”
-Review from @teaandgames
"When the story does dip into moments of characterizing choice, it’s very good stuff. My play-through had four such moments, each in their own way about trust, and those were the highlights by far…"
-Android review

Adventure Cow on the BAMMSTERS Podcast

We did our first interview with a podcast! You can check it out here.

Warning: contains bacon.


In 2015, StoryLab, our new visual editor for making interactive stories, went public! StoryLab is designed to make it as easy as possible for people to make their own stories. You can make your own stories right now, or read more.

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