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Experimental, Romance
By: Dan (posted by Chris)

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Connection doesn't have any branches in it, but I wanted to include it because it's mostly text and quite dynamic. Connection tells a story in the form of internet conversation between Ben and Zoe. If you've ever played Christine Love's Digital: A Love Story, you'll recognize the homages to vintage online communication (1988 BBSes vs. 2005 BlogSpot). From the author:

I’ve known her now, what, the last four or five years?
The technology, it’s improved leaps and bounds.

I mean, sometimes so rapidly, I wonder whether we know where or when we’ll stop racing forward with our phones and laptops raised to the skies.

I wonder.

And, yet, we’re still limited to exchanging our words to connect.

Those words we sent out across wires and satellites
across time zones and oceans
blindly hoping they would reach a pulse at the other end
the pulse we could know but not feel
the person we could see but not touch.

And I wonder if we’ve ever really known each other.
I wonder whether we’ve really connected.


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