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The Edyn Project

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Fantasy, Science fiction, Twine
By: Katrina Elisse Caudle (posted by Chris)

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Note: There's quite a bit of writing here already, but this is an introduction and first draft, meant to be for a longer project. See author's note.

Once abandoned after a terrible plague, the White City is now home to a new utopian vision and a new generation of inhabitants, and you're one of them. Explore shops and find your way around this new world.

From the author:
“Sixty years after it was abandoned the White City has been taken under the wing of a new development collective. They’ve remade the city into an urban paradise and beacon of social change with digital currency, urban food forests, and a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with enough power to run the city for a thousand years. Her name is Edyn and there’s just one problem; they need to test her. Lured by the promise of fame and fortune, the most notorious hackers in the world are invited to come to the new city to test their skills against the ai program and prove whether or not utopia can really exist.”


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