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  Depression Quest

By: Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey and Isaac Schankler (posted by Chris) (Twine, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Featured on freeindiegam.es, Pick of the week)

It sounds morosely blithe, and it is morose, but it's also deeply meaningful. Depression Quest pulled me into the reality of depression in a way that no other story has really been able to do before. From the authors: Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where you play as someone living with depression. You are given a series of everyday life events and have to attempt to manage your illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment. This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and to illustrate to people who may not understand the illness the depths of what it can do to people. From RPS: Mostly Indescribable: Depression Quest

  weird tape in the mail

By: adam dickinson (angrygeometry) (posted by Chris) (Experimental, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Featured on freeindiegam.es, Surreal, Twine)

Surrealist adventure. There's something about Twine that makes people make really weird, but interesting games. "made in a day or so for the salt world jam. based heavily on the good bits of david lynch’s ‘lost highway’" -Author's description " a bleak, squiggly, MS Painted nightmare of filthy unemployment versus sterile consumerism" -Porpentine, Rock Paper Shotgun

  First Draft of the Revolution

The story takes place in an alternate 1788 France, where the nobles have the power of magic. A story where you rewrite the correspondence of Juliette, her husband Henri, and the others in the story. The fascinating thing about this approach is that this is basically a game about writing - you recompose the story and explore different parts through that rewriting. Worth reading. From the description: Juliette has been banished for the summer to a village above Grenoble: a few Alpine houses, a deep lake, blue sky, and no society. Now she writes daily to her husband. She tells how she went for a walk and ended thigh-deep in mud, how the draft comes in around the window, how extravagantly she has spent on new gloves, how she misses Paris. She plans her letters on ordinary pages, but when they are ready, she copies them on paper whose enchanted double is hundreds of miles off. The words form themselves on the matching sheaf in her husband's study. No time is wasted on couriers.


A story about a haunting. Author's description: HELLO!! i have missed you. I wrote a new thing, it is a story about a world full of DEAD PEOPLE. you PLAY as such a dead person and it is your job to HAUNT THE LIVINGGgggg. I hope you enjoy itt!! the setting is onE that has been in my head for some tiiime now and I may use it agaAAAIInnn. I hope you ENJOY ITT!!! (ps there are TWO(2) ENDINGS)


A two player story. Play with a friend. Unread.


By: Chris Gaylo, remade by Emmanuel King Turner (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Twine, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Featured on freeindiegam.es)

A remake of a game made in 1970. Description from freeindiegam.es: While you are walking down a dusty, deserted side street Black Bart emerges from a Saloon one hundred paces away. By agreement, you each have four cartridges in your six-guns. Your marksmanship equals his. At the start of the walk, neither of you can possibly hit the other, and at the end of the walk, neither can miss. The closer you get, the better your chances of hitting Bart, but he also has better chances of hitting you.

  Walking Story

Unread. Appears to be a sort of interactive free verse poem.

  Brooklyn Trash King

A game about running a Kickstarter. Unread.

  Kim's Story

Unread. From freeindiegam.es. The very first sentence: "When I was a young girl, I was a member of the Boy Scouts." Semi-biographical.


Unread. “A Grow-like Twine game where you have a single scene and eight verbs that can be performed once in any order.”

  Candy Ant Princess

By: Whisperbat (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Humor, Twine)

You are the Candy Ant Princess! After a cozy childhood as an (adorable) jelly larvae, you have emerged from your cell-cocoon as a fully formed Queen. From Rock Paper Shotgun: Running a candy ant colony is hard work. Will you raise your daughters to war or peace? Who can you trust in the ruthless environment of Strawberry Swirl Forest?